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Hear from Bill Hull, Envisage’s Director of Sales, about his personal experience planning for the future.

“Sometimes you just want to stay at home,” my wife recently said to me for the first time, and it really took me by surprise.

She has been head cheerleader for every new adventure since we were teenagers and is generally up for anything that promises fun. (I’m sure this is how she has tolerated my multi-state career in senior living sales.)

So, this comment was completely unexpected and at first sailed right past me. But when her words finally registered, I asked her to tell me more, and my wife opened up on a topic we had never discussed before.

“It seems that all the planning, effort and expense to transform a new house into our long-term home has really paid off.” I had to agree. It’s been three years since we decided on a place in one of the many 55-plus communities, single-family developments, patio homes and condo communities that exist for seniors in the area.

We have loved every one of our many moves around the country and the amazing experiences, wonderful friends, and fantastic memories that gathered each time. It has been a great life. But this move to Pittsburgh was different.

We wanted one-floor living where we could conceivably stay well into our retirement years. Having lived for decades without putting down significant roots, this was a major lifestyle shift, what with downsizing and discarding items that we’ve hauled all over.

“We’re never going to use that here” has replaced “Maybe we’ll need it.” Fixing and furnishing, always done with an eye on the moving van, has been a slower, more thoughtful and expensive process.

“Good enough for now” has morphed into “Yes, that really fits our vision.” New paint, floors, landscaping, family heirlooms, furniture, colors and more have come together in the ways we were hoping they would. We aren’t finished and we probably never will be, but this spring, we added flowers and finishing touches to a place that really feels right.

“I like how it feels here at home,” said my wife, “and sometimes I just want to take it all in.”

For over 20 years, Envisage has provided members with a stay-at-home plan to access the help or care they need as they age without having to move into an institutional setting like a nursing home. Most members are as settled, comfortable and thoughtful about their living space as my wife and I are. We all know that changes can happen quickly and jeopardize the familiarity we have with our own comfortable spaces. Envisage combines your desire to stay in your home with terrific features like 24/7 compassionate care management, financial simplicity and predictability, and superior services. Just like your home security system guards your physical property, Envisage surrounds your remain-at-home lifestyle with protections that fit your specific needs and circumstances, all without placing undue burdens on family or friends.

To learn more about how Envisage can help you navigate the changes of aging, contact Bill Hull at 412.605.4197.

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