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Watch the video below to hear from Envisage expert Bobbi Jo Haden for more tips on finding purpose in your life.

Envisage supports the healthy longevity of its members with preventive health resources, such as our WELL program, which stands for Wellness Education for Long-Term Living. Through our exclusive WELL program and in partnership with Masterpiece, Envisage assists older adults in their aging journeys to help them realize their full potential for healthy living using a lifestyle-focused approach along the way.

One of the key pillars of the Masterpiece approach is Peace & Fulfillment. Recognizing that many people associate spirituality with religion, Masterpiece expanded its original pillar of Spiritual Health to reflect a broader quest for something greater than yourself.

Like the other focus areas, prioritizing your personal Peace & Fulfillment is a lifestyle choice that contributes directly to healthy living.

Answering questions like “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” can help to bring purpose and meaning to your life. While that may feel abstract, opportunities for greater Peace & Fulfillment can arise every day when you focus on the possibilities.

By thinking about what you can give to others, you can add zest to your life fueled by your reason for moving forward. Your actions don’t need to be grandiose; volunteering, working for a charity, or finding an activity that brings you solace are all lifestyle choices that lead to greater Peace & Fulfillment.

The other quadrants of wellness that comprise the Masterpiece approach are:

  1. Intellectual. Over time, we should be gaining cognitive function instead of losing it.
  2. Physical. Physical activity increases mental sharpness, improves healing, and delays or prevents disease.
  3. Social. Our social networks are important to us throughout our lives, but they become even more important as we age.

Masterpiece has its roots in a study commissioned by the MacArthur Foundation in the late 1980s, which found that 70% of successful aging is based on lifestyle choices. Based on applied research conducted over many years, the MacArthur Foundation study was the first to focus on human potential, rather than human decline. Curious to learn more about human potential later in life? Check out books such as Successful Aging and Live Long, Die Short for a deep dive into how you can pursue Peace & Fulfilment and the other Masterpiece pillars of healthy living.

Watch the video below to hear from Envisage expert Bobbi Jo Haden for more tips on finding purpose in your life.


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