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Wellness & Care Coordination

Navigating your long-term care planning

Envisage provides you with a Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator.

With an Envisage membership, our aged care support services provide you with a Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator, who makes it possible for you to remain in the home you love.

Your coordinator, available to you from the first day of your membership, will assist you with at-home care planning every step of the way, helping to keep you and your home safe as you age. They’ll help to coordinate doctor’s appointments and aged care services to ensure you can continue living in the place you call home.

After understanding your goals, our Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators work with you to develop individualized long-term care plans that support your independence.

Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators provide at-home care planning for Envisage membersPersonal Wellness & Care Coordinators provide at-home care planning for Envisage members

Your senior care planning starts with Envisage

As a key part of your retirement planning, your Envisage membership can help supplement care insurance or be a replacement for it. In addition to care coordination and care coverage, Envisage offers our exclusive Wellness Education for Long-Term Living (WELL) program, which encourages activities in physical, social, intellectual and peace & fulfillment to support your long-term aging plan.

The number of older adults is increasing, with about 70 million people estimated to be over the age of 65 in the United States in 2030. Many of them live alone without support from a caregiver. Envisage provides health and wellness programs for older adults who are looking to protect their assets, remain independent, age safely at home and keep from being a burden on family and loved ones. It’s the smart long-term care option for adults age 60+ that lets you anticipate your future needs and plan for them now.

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of care at home is provided by unpaid caregivers.

The Benefits of Envisage

Healthy Living

To support your overall well-being and goal of aging successfully at home, your Envisage membership includes preventative health resources like our exclusive WELL program.

Should you need any care services, your dedicated Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you navigate the healthcare system for you, supporting you in your aging journey.

When you pay ahead of time for care you may need in the future, you’re securing your assets and protecting your legacy. Envisage helps you do just that.

Schedule a 1:1 conversation to see how an Envisage membership helps to achieve your goals.

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