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Learn Why Our Members Love Envisage

“We have always put a large importance on giving back. As local business owners, we’ve given back to our community by providing dental care through a foundation we’ve created. And, as parents to three children and many grandchildren, we’ve decided to give back to our family by investing in Envisage.

Sue and I appreciate our Envisage membership because we feel strongly that our children should never have to worry about long-term care decisions or the cost of care. We truly think of Envisage as the perfect gift for our children because of the built-in financial protection and the assurance and advocacy that the personal wellness & care coordinator provides. We are very happy with this new peace-of-mind knowing that our future needs will be coordinated, provided and covered by Envisage.”

Bob and Sue, Envisage Members since 2009

“I grew up in Pittsburgh, but, with a career in the arts, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to live in many beautiful places. However, when I came back home to start my own fine arts gallery, I quickly realized that, although I come from a large family, most no longer live in Pittsburgh. Even if they did, I would hope to not burden them as I age.

As a widow with a son in New York and a daughter in Boston, having a plan for the future is important to me. I consulted with my family about Envisage because I knew it was the right decision for me. My family appreciates that I will have the very best care when needed, plus a personal wellness & care coordinator to help navigate an ever-changing aging process. My needs have been met many times during the years since joining Envisage, and my children could not be more comfortable knowing that I am being taken care of.”

Marcia, Envisage Member Since 2013

“With three children, seven grandchildren and a strong commitment to our Washington, PA community, my wife and I are as busy as we’ve ever been and loving every second of it. We have been very fortunate to travel often with our entire family, and we look forward to planning trips to the mountains to ski, and to Florida for Disney. But, after experiencing the challenges that come with aging first hand while taking care of my mother, we knew we needed to start planning for more than just vacations.

Because of the care my mother received during her time living at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, we knew that we would receive the same care with Envisage. We joined not only because of the asset preservation that Envisage provides us, but because the services that our personal wellness & care coordinator provides are paramount to us being able to remain independent in the home we love.”

Bill, Envisage Member since 2015

“As life-long educators, we took a long time to evaluate our long-term care plan options. When Howard brought Envisage to my attention, I wasn’t keen on enrolling at first. I was only 69 years old and just recently retired. After a seminar, Howard was convinced. We dropped our long-term care policy, enrolled in Envisage and thank goodness we did!

Less than a year later, I suffered a serious leg fracture as a result of taking bisphosphonates to prevent osteoporosis. My personal health & wellness care coordinator was immediately onboard to help put a plan in place for recuperation and care. After my hospital stay, I was moved to a Presbyterian SeniorCare Network rehab center, and quickly transitioned back home. Envisage provided me with the best home care services to assist me while I was incapacitated.”

Diane and Howard, Envisage Members since 2010

Member stories are based on actual testimonials. Some member names, occupations and photos have been changed by request.

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