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Healthy Living

The goal of Envisage® is to provide services and support that enable you to remain living independently and vibrantly in the place you call home. To support your overall well-being and your intent to age at home, your Envisage membership includes preventive health resources, such as our exclusive Wellness Education for Long-Term Living (WELL) program. Envisage is proud to be the first program of its kind to offer Masterpiece as a membership benefit.

The easiest way to prevent illness is to stay healthy and active. While some risk factors may be inevitable when it comes to your health – like age, gender and genetics – you have the power to influence many aspects.

Your Envisage Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator provides you with support and guidance to help you take control of your health and focus on a healthy lifestyle, so that you can remain living independently in the place you call home.

Our wellness offerings bring even more value to your Envisage membership. Along with preventive health services, your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you evaluate and set goals for your personal wellness. These may range from health and exercise ambitions to emotional, social or peace & fulfillment goals. Your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you track your progress and assist you in reaching your personal wellness goals.

70% of our physical health and 30% of our mental health is based on lifestyle choices – not genes

Source: MacArthur Foundation Study

Schedule a 1:1 conversation with an Envisage advisor to learn more about starting your care plan.

Healthy Living Resources

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Envisage Quiz – You Are What You Eat

When it comes to getting older, what you eat only becomes more important in preserving your well-being. The right foods can slow down the aging process while contributing to your overall health.

Powered by Masterpiece, Delivered by Envisage: Wellness Education for Long-Term Living (WELL)

Through our exclusive WELL program and in partnership with Masterpiece, Envisage assists older adults in their aging journeys to help them realize their full potential for healthy living using a lifestyle-focused, research-backed approach along the way. The WELL program enables Masterpiece to offer activities in the following pillars: Physical, Social, Intellectual and Peace & Fulfillment. Through these pillars, the program aims to foster small lifestyle choices that have a substantial impact on wellness.
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