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Retirement living options

Protecting your remain-at-home lifestyle

Aging in place with Envisage in active adult communities.

Across southwestern Pennsylvania, adults who are approaching retirement age are turning to the many 55+ communities, single-family developments, patio homes and condo communities that exist for seniors in the area. The residents of nearby 55 and over communities have invested in creating a space that feels like home.

Services that assist seniors in living independently can make living at home easier as they age.

An Envisage membership offers all the benefits of living in a senior-care community, without the upheaval and loss of independence that those facilities entail. Long-term insurance is often not enough to cover all of the circumstances you’re likely to face; Envisage fills the gaps in Medicare coverage by offering comprehensive coordination of care and preventative wellness programs.

A couple enjoys senior independent living

Connecting you with the appropriate care — anywhere

For over 20 years, Envisage has provided customized stay-at-home plans to members of active retirement communities, single-family homes and over 55 apartments. These personal plans connect members with the help or care they need as they age without having to move into an institutional setting like adult assisted living or a nursing home.

Most Envisage members are as comfortable and thoughtful about their living space as you are. Like you, they’ve worked hard throughout their lives to build a dream lifestyle. Now, they want to enjoy the dream that’s finally come true for them.

We all know that changes can happen quickly and jeopardize the familiarity we have with our own comfortable spaces. Whether you’re most comfortable in your local 55 older community or your forever home, Envisage combines your desire to stay in your familiar surroundings with terrific features like 24/7 compassionate care management, financial simplicity and predictability, and superior services.

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of adults over 50 want to stay in their communities as they age.

The Benefits of Envisage

Healthy Living

To support your overall well-being and goal of aging successfully at home, your Envisage membership includes preventative health resources like our exclusive WELL program.

Should you need any care services, your dedicated Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you navigate the healthcare system for you, supporting you in your aging journey.

When you pay ahead of time for care you may need in the future, you’re securing your assets and protecting your legacy. Envisage helps you do just that.

Schedule a 1:1 conversation to see how an Envisage membership helps to achieve your goals.
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