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Independent Living

Remain in the home you love.

Envisage preserves your independence by answering the big questions.

Retirees have often spent decades perfecting their homes and their lifestyles to reflect their values, their interests and their legacies, all in the name of aging at home. But as they age, they begin to face some great unknowns: When will my wellness begin to run out? And who will take care of me if my health should take a turn?

With hundreds of retirees having trusted us for years to help answer those questions, you can be confident that Envisage is your ally when it comes to independent living. The benefits of Envisage include care coordination, care coverage and healthy living resources.

A couple enjoys senior independent living

Your aging-at-home specialists

Independent senior living looks a lot different today than it did for previous generations. With aging-at-home programs like Envisage, older adults are able to breathe easy knowing that their health and wellness needs will be met.

In addition to care coordination and care coverage, Envisage provides independent living resources such as our exclusive Wellness Education for Long-Term Living (WELL) program, which encourages activities in physical, social, intellectual and peace & fulfillment.

Whether you are aging in place in one of the area’s vibrant 55+ communities or living in your lifelong home, an independent living program like Envisage can support your goals to stay put and avoid moving into a nursing home or assisted living community throughout your senior years.

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of adults over 50 want to stay in their homes as they age.

The Benefits of Envisage

Healthy Living

To support your overall well-being and goal of aging successfully at home, your Envisage membership includes preventative health resources like our exclusive WELL program.

Should you need any care services, your dedicated Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you navigate the healthcare system for you, supporting you in your aging journey.

When you pay ahead of time for care you may need in the future, you’re securing your assets and protecting your legacy. Envisage helps you do just that.

Schedule a 1:1 conversation to see how an Envisage membership helps to achieve your goals.

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