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Watch the video below to understand why it’s not too late to plan ahead for a future of comfort, security and well-being.

Are you aware of what could happen if you don’t plan ahead for long-term care coverage? From a financial, emotional and convenience perspective, the advantages to being prepared really add up.

Let’s face it, the future is uncertain. The only way to truly prepare for the unknown is to plan now for the services and support you may need in the future with a membership program like Envisage. That way, if (and when) you need services and support, you’ll be covered. And the peace of mind that comes with Envisage’s personalized coverage is immeasurable.

5 important things to consider when planning for long-term care:

  1. If you want to have a plan that works, you can’t put it off until you need it. Many people hope to receive long-term care, but without long-term care planning from a program like Envisage, you may become a huge burden on your loved ones as you age.
  2. Care costs more than most people think. As retirees enjoy longer lives, long-term care costs continue to rise – and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned savings on those unnecessary charges. From 2020 to 2021, the average cost for in-home care services has risen by at least 10% nationwide, according to Genworth, which has been tracking the cost of care since 2004.
  3. Don’t delay in finding someone to provide care, as finding a quality caregiver can be tougher than you might imagine. Envisage’s long-term care coverage supports your voice in designing your care and governing your plan. Care coordination is meant to be more inclusive as a patient- and family-centered approach for care delivery.
  4. Many people think they have their needs covered. Most often, they do not. You may be counting on Medicare to see you through the unforeseeable crises that loom in the shadows of tomorrow. But Medicare only covers acute care, not long-term care. Envisage’s long-term care coverage is a good idea to help protect against future health care costs that Medicare doesn’t pay for, like extended home care.
  5. Without a comprehensive plan, you’re leaving your care to others. The consequences are unpredictable – if not grave. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Envisage’s personal health & wellness team coordinates services and support on your behalf, so you won’t become a hardship to your family. We provide highly personalized care through qualified Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators, who navigate the healthcare system for you.

Watch the video below to hear from Envisage experts Bill Hull and Stacey Bornemann about how you can start planning your long-term care.

How to Get Started