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Keeping yourself – or the senior you care about – at home as long as possible

As older adults age, the need for home care may become greater. Many adult children of aging parents face pressure to take on a caregiver role as their loved one approaches the latter stages of life. Many wish to keep mom and dad at home, but it’s important to understand all the factors involved when you take on the responsibility, because becoming a caregiver can be more time-consuming than you’d think.

That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead. According to a 9-year study by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 70% of adults who survive to age 65 develop severe long-term services and supports (LTSS) needs before they die, and 48% receive some paid care over their lifetime. You may not think you need help today, but odds are, you will in the future.

Making changes to the home for better accessibility is often necessary during the aging progression. It can be a very expensive component of the process, depending on individual needs. Here, we share some important advice with six ways to live independently at home as you age:

In order to age in place, set your home up for safety and security to prevent falls. If you’re experiencing falls or are otherwise at-risk, making the home a safer place to navigate is very important. Check the handrails in and around your house to make sure they’re secure, and that they go all the way up the steps. Inspect the carpets around the house, and remove or tape down any loose carpeting or throw rugs to prevent skidding. And don’t forget to tuck any electrical cords away from walkways.

Next, think about the kinds of help you might want in the near future. Envisage offers a robust wellness and care coordination benefit that helps to arrange services and support on your behalf to save valuable time. Think about existing health concerns, and how you expect to manage those. As an essential part of your long-term care plan, an Envisage Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will address your personal needs and will enlist the appropriate helpers.

Another important step is to discuss any illnesses with your doctor about how these health problems can affect quality of life in the future. These very important conversations will help to direct your Envisage Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator as they shape your long-term care plan to ensure that it fulfills all of your needs as you age.

Caregivers: Now’s the time to do some research. Take this opportunity to learn how to get your senior the support they need to stay in their own home. Envisage is designed to help your senior achieve the goal of living independently at home as they age.

It’s never been a better time to look forward to aging independently. From personal care, household chores, and meals to money management and health care, the types of support available to seniors are impressive. With our unrivaled Wellness & Care Coordination benefit, Envisage provides all of those elements and more.

Finally, while you’re busy making your financial plan, don’t forget to plan ahead for lifestyle factors like getting around, finding activities and friends, safety concerns, housing issues and getting help during the day. Envisage meets all of these needs on a personal level, so that you can age successfully at home with comfort and security.

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