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Aging, and how to prepare for it, is an important part of envisioning your future. It’s one of the most personal plans you should make while you are still healthy and active – and it will only grow more important as you advance in years.

At Envisage, our expert team helps to coordinate services and support on your behalf so you can make lifestyle changes that matter most to successful aging. It’s important to your own sense of self and eliminates the worry of becoming a hardship to your family. For more than 17 years, Envisage has helped to redefine and optimize what long-term care planning and services can be for individuals who are adamant about aging in their own home, A key element of the service is Our Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators, who have been with Envisage an average of10+ years and have extensive experience in social services and healthcare.

Meet Debbie Rudroy, an Envisage Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators, who is featured in this 20-minute video.

In addition to having a professional, like Debbie, dedicated to helping you age in the place, here are FIVE ways how you can benefit from the support and services provided by your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators when you become part of the Envisage family.

  1. PROACTIVE WELLNESS SUPPORT. Your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will check in with you regularly to see if they may be of assistance, as frequently or as infrequently as you prefer. We also schedule annual visits to ensure your home is safe and comfortable and help you to schedule maintenance if necessary.
    • A new study published by the American Psychological Association in Psychology and Aging suggests that feeling younger could help cushion middle-aged and older adults against stress. The best way to keep yourself feeling younger is to prioritize your personal wellness, and who better to ensure success in that realm than your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator?
  2. REACTIVE TO YOUR NEEDS. Your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator understands your health circumstances and will assist you in navigating the healthcare system. Members have peace of mind knowing that a Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator is on call 24/7 for any medical emergencies that may arise at home or while you’re travelling.
  3. CONNECTS YOU TO THE RIGHT RESOURCES. Envisage provides highly personalized care and one-on-one support through your dedicated Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator, who will provide you with wellness tips an resources that meet your goals while also navigating the healthcare system to best meet your needs.
  4. ADVOCATES ON YOUR BEHALF. Care coordination is meant to be more inclusive as a patient- and family-centered approach to care delivery, and at Envisage, long-term care coverage supports your voice in designing your care and governing your plan.
  5. PERSONALIZES SUPPORT AND CARE FOR YOU Envisage understands that each individual household and family is unique. Your Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will form a relationship with you and your family based on your preferences and needs, respecting your routines, customs and boundaries, and your vision of your future. Your personal go-to person will help you to shape and stick to a plan that’s based upon how you envision your future.
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