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Of all the pillars in Envisage’s Masterpiece program, Peace & Fulfillment can feel the most abstract.

Many people believe that fulfillment and success are external, based on factors like wealth, appearances, career and possessions. But focusing on these attributes to the exclusion of a deeper pursuit can lead to lives without meaning or purpose. At worst, a lack of direction can cause people to struggle with addiction, bad habits, confusion, anxiety, stress, low self-worth, emotional outbursts and even depression.

As Buddha said, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Yet attaining a comfortable level of Peace & Fulfillment in your life is critical to your overall well-being and can have a profound impact on your mental, physical and social health.

And with a bit of focus and introspection, you can seek opportunities for greater Peace & Fulfillment in every moment of your day.

The good news is that the quest for Peace & Fulfillment actually brings those qualities into being. And the next few months just so happen to surround us with external reminders of Peace & Fulfillment.

From the emphasis on gratitude during Thanksgiving to December’s religious celebrations and even the clean slate of a New Year in January, the holiday season gives us ample occasions to tap into our inner reserves and bring Peace & Fulfillment to the surface.

Ready to start today? One of the simplest ways to secure your soul is to stay in touch with the practices that have enriched it throughout your life. Consider that no matter how old you grow, some things should always stay in your daily rotation:

  • Continue learning something new.
  • Compliment yourself every day.
  • Have faith in yourself. A strong faith can carry you anywhere you want.
  • Keep on believing.
  • Dream, dream and dream some more. Only with imagination can you find the joy of life.
  • Always say “I love you.” Tell your loved ones that you love them every day; it’s never too much!
  • Look for spaces to explore. The world is so big that breaking out of our comfort zone will always yield big surprises

And above all, remember that happiness is an inside job. Namaste.

Envisage is a lifestyle and wellness leader designed to support the well-being of older adults. By offering Masterpiece (formerly known as Masterpiece Living) as a membership benefit, Envisage nurtures the growth and vitality of older adults. Masterpiece’s data and analysis prove that a high level of life satisfaction, overall health and functionality is possible for all – no matter what stage of life they are in. Masterpiece offers well-rounded programming in the following pillars: Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Peace & Fulfillment. With these pillars, the program aims to foster small lifestyle choices that have a substantial impact on wellness.

Envisage wants to enhance your social well-being, so we’re offering resources such as our Wellness Education for Long-Term Living (WELL) program and partnership with Masterpiece. To demonstrate how our WELL program works, we invite you to bring a guest to our next upcoming virtual or in-person social event. You can register yourself and a friend or family member here to attend.

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