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Hear from Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator Jean Royse by clicking on the video at the bottom of this page. 

During her 19 years of working for Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, Jean Royse has served in nearly every role possible within the field of elder care. Yet she finds her current position as a Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator to be the most satisfying and fulfilling experience of her career.

Much of that gratification comes from the close relationships that develop in service of caring for Envisage members, Jean says.

“To be able to hold the hand of someone who might be alone, to be able to have those open communications with family members,” Jean elaborates. “To get to know not only the member, but also the family. To be trusted with caring and helping in any way needed, is truly special to me.” >

What looks like a seamless understanding of a client’s needs and wants is the result of the many duties that Jean tackles on a daily basis. While developing the trusted relationship with each Envisage member is her primary function, Jean also advocates for them, whether they live in a home or in a facility, and works closely with health-care providers to deliver care when needed. For members finishing up a stay at a hospital or rehab facility, Jean works with the social workers and discharge planners there to ensure a safe return back to home.

Many roles, many ways

Beyond conducting home visits with Envisage members, Jean carries out her service as a Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator through phone calls, emails to members and their families, and FaceTime or Zoom visits, which became essential during the pandemic when home health teams and hospice teams were unable to enter members’ homes.

Jean says her routine tasks involve calling members, scheduling with private-duty agencies, and speaking with families who may be out of the area. She and her fellow Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators also provide resources to Envisage members to help them stay healthy and independent on the journey that we call life.

“There’s not a typical day in the life of a Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator,” Jean says. “I may come into the office and have my to-do list at the beginning of the day, and then life happens.”

When a call comes in from an Envisage member, Jean jumps into action. That call becomes her top priority and supersedes any paperwork.

Envisage differentiates itself from other services by offering members 24-hour access to their Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator. After hours, a member call will go an answering service to manage before the coordinator steps in, providing invaluable knowledge of the health-care system as a key benefit of the Envisage program.

“In this role, you need to have empathy and patience and understanding,” Jean says. “Patience is absolutely a virtue.”

Watch the video below to hear from Jean about her role as an Envisage Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator.

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