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Hear from Envisage members John and Claudia Detwiler

For John and Claudia Detwiler, a literal bump in the road is the prime example of how Envisage services make all the difference when it comes to coordinating unexpected long-term care needs.

John, a self-professed fanatical biker, was out on an early-morning ride on the Montour Trail in 2018 when he hit a rock and fell, fracturing his hip. An ambulance took him to St. Clair Hospital, where he underwent surgery while Claudia called their Envisage Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator, Debbie Rudoy, from the emergency room.

“Having a personal wellness & care coordinator was essential to helping me deal with the situation,” says Claudia, praising the invaluable emotional support and guidance that Debbie offered during the stressful time. “Debbie immediately started working on the discharge plans and worked out all of the details. It was a huge load off of my mind. I did not have to research any options.”

Navigating Those Unforeseen Bumps in the Road

Debbie encouraged John and Claudia to consider a short-term skilled nursing stay that would offer more intensive therapy than was available through home health. Because John was in excellent physical condition, he spent only two nights in the hospital, rather than the three required by Medicare for skilled nursing coverage. Their Envisage membership covered John’s stay at The Willows, where Debbie coordinated with the facility’s social worker to manage the discharge plan.

John’s recovery story began years before his accident, when Claudia, as the driver behind the couple’s Envisage membership, sought to put in place the security of a “comprehensive plan” before they needed assistance. Although the Detwilers had toured retirement communities and valued the benefits they offered, they were committed to staying in their city neighborhood, where they were actively engaged in their church and other local activities. Because they didn’t want to move and build new relationships, they chose to enroll in Envisage so that they could remain in their home and involved in their community. John and Claudia also knew that they didn’t want to become a burden to their daughters, who had busy lives and were away from Pittsburgh at that time.

Six months after his injury, John was back to riding his bike. Claudia, meanwhile, has used long-term care services coordinated by Envisage several times herself during the last few years. So what does she value most about Envisage when life hits an unexpected bump? She says she’s grown to appreciate that Envisage relieves the burden of care not only from her daughters, but from her husband as well.

Watch the video below to hear from John and Claudia how Envisage can help when the unexpected happens.

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