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New  Year’s resolutions are easy to make – but can be tough to accomplish. Coming off the excitement of the holiday season, we tend to set ambitious goals for ourselves in early January, only to lose motivation as our objectives become less realistic as the year rolls on.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set any goals for yourself. Read on to learn about some smaller, more achievable tasks that can provide you with a feeling of instant gratification in 2023.

Add spirituality to your daily life
Whether it’s inventing a new birthday or anniversary tradition, saying a prayer each morning or journaling before bed, there are plenty of simple ways to get more in touch with the spiritual side of yourself.

Spend time with friends
We all need companionship in our lives. Consider grabbing lunch, seeing a new movie or going for a nice walk with your best friend or a group of close friends. You’ll feel refreshed and satisfied afterward!

Assess your physical environment
One of the best ways to feel a sense of accomplishment is to evaluate and organize your personal space. Take time to throw away old papers and other clutter while filing away items you may need down the road. You’ll thank yourself later.

Take a TV break
For most of us, turning on the TV in the evening is a no-brainer. But for one night per week, consider picking up a book, working on a craft or playing a game with family or friends instead of reaching for the remote.

Buy a Plant
This one is a win-win. Plants help create better air quality for your home or office, and the act of nurturing them can provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Feel free to place your plant anywhere that will bring you joy.

Adopting any or all these goals is a great first step on the way to a productive and satisfying 2023!

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