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Hear from Envisage member — Koyna Sood

According to Envisage member Koyna Sood, the relationship that she developed with her Envisage Personal Care & Wellness Coordinator, Debbie Rudoy, quickly blossomed into a friendship that boosted her emotional well-being, in addition to addressing her physical comfort during recovery from foot surgery.

Koyna, who enjoyed a baseline of health involving a high level of cardio and strength-training workouts, tripped on her basement stairs in December 2019 and broke her foot in two places. Koyna called Debbie, who determined her needs and a schedule for caregivers immediately after surgery. Koyna says that Debbie and the caregivers “lifted the burden” from her husband, Ajay, with twice-weekly visits to assist with getting her ready for the bath and washing her hair. During her recovery, Koyna was unable to bear any weight. Her caregivers helped to keep her compliant, which positively contributed to her making a full recovery.

“When I call Debbie, she always has a positive response,” Koyna says, adding that Debbie is always available when she calls. “She always got back to me very quickly. It’s been a really great relationship to the point where now we even swap recipes because we both really like to cook.”

Following the credible advice of trusted experts

Koyna and her husband Ajay had been members for just a few weeks before Koyna required Envisage’s services. Their decision to enroll came from thorough research and careful consideration. The couple consulted with those whose input they valued greatly: their financial adviser and their primary care physicians, who had other patients who were Envisage members. All of the professionals supported the Soods’ decision to join Envisage.

But the biggest decision-making factor to enroll in Envisage was its promise of a reliable support system, no matter what. Koyna explains that she and her husband, both in their 70s, have no support system available to them. They didn’t want to burden their friends, who have their hands full with their own families, lives, and health concerns. Koyna and Ajay had also remodeled their house to make it accessible for aging in place, so they wanted a program like Envisage that would allow them to stay in their home for as long as possible. Finally, Koyna says she’s concerned about what would happen if one of them became ill and recalled her bout of pneumonia a few years ago, when the couple struggled without the benefit of in-home help and support.

When asked about what her recovery from foot surgery would have been like without the support of Envisage, Koyna immediately responded: “It would have been really hard for us.” Debbie and the network of caregivers who helped Koyna when she needed it most made a difficult situation bearable – and even forged a quality friendship.

Watch the video below to hear from Koyna about the peace of mind and sense of security that Envisage provides.

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