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Envisage prides itself on being a wellness and lifestyle leader that supports the well-being of older adults. With that in mind, Envisage is pleased to be the first program of its kind to offer Masterpiece (formerly known as Masterpiece Living) as a membership benefit.

With the Masterpiece partnership and the expertise of our Personal Wellness and Care Coordinators, Envisage nurtures the growth and vitality of older adults, using a holistic approach to healthy longevity driven by research and confirmed by results. The robust data and analysis stemming from Masterpiece prove that a high level of health, life satisfaction, and functionality is possible for all people, no matter what stage of life they happen to be in.

In 1984, the MacArthur Foundation assembled a group of experts in aging to investigate what causes differences in aging and it recommends what’s necessary to age in a better way.  Prior to this study, all the research on aging focused on decline.  This study was the first large scale of its kind as it focused on age related human potential.  Masterpiece was formed using years of applied research from the MacArthur Foundation Study.  Masterpiece brings the MacArthur research to life.

“70% of our physical health and 50% of our mental health is based on lifestyle choices – not genes.” – MacArthur Foundation Study

In 1999, Masterpiece was established with the goal of studying and changing our perceptions of health, change, and aging. The mission of Masterpiece? To inspire and cultivate individual growth, as well as resilience and intentional longevity. Through Masterpiece, Envisage assists older adults in their aging journeys to help them realize their full potential for healthy longevity using a lifestyle-focused, research-backed approach along the way.

Masterpiece offers well-rounded programming in the following pillars: Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Peace & Fulfillment. With these pillars, the program aims to foster small lifestyle choices that have a substantial impact on wellness.

Masterpiece personalizes older adults’ paths to healthy longevity and tailors them to these adults’ lifestyle experiences, complementing how older adults go through life by providing content and insights specific to the areas of growth and opportunity that matter most to them. The areas that Masterpiece focuses on are vital to healthy longevity and include tools that impact older adults’ wellness the most.

By partnering with Masterpiece, Envisage provides our members with a personalized program that enables them to measure their wellness capabilities within the five pillars. Once the assessment is conducted, members will undergo tailored programs designed to bolster their areas of strength while offering methods to improve in areas that could use it.

Look for future blog posts where we explore each Masterpiece pillar in-depth with more ideas on healthy longevity support.

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