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Lace up your trainers and take a deep breath – it’s time to step into the sunshine, move your body and get some fresh air! These age-appropriate exercises are well-suited for the great outdoors. Keep scrolling to find activities you can try this summer and into the fairer days of fall.

Walk the block.

The benefits of taking a brisk 30-minute stroll each day are boundless: boosted blood flow, better sleep and mental health, stronger heart and bones, and even a lower risk of dementia. Plus, there’s no special equipment required – just get up and go!

Game, set, match.

During the summer months, the warm weather encourages people to get outside, book a spot on the nearby tennis courts, and start swinging their rackets. Most local parks or nearby high schools have courts available to use for free. Pro tip: opt for a game of doubles for a more relaxed — but still very competitive — sweat session.

Pickled perks.

Looking for something a little less intense while still maintaining the benefits of outdoor recreation? The pickleball craze shows no signs of slowing down. The smaller play area means fewer steps from one end of the court to the other, so it’s a lower-impact workout than traditional tennis. Plus, pickleball borrows techniques from ping pong and equipment from wiffleball. What could be more fun than that?

Meditation in motion.

Tai chi uses slow, gentle, intentional movements to ground both your mind and body. Because you can do tai chi anywhere, take your practice outside to boost the stress-busting benefits. You’ll also strengthen your upper and lower body while improving your flexibility balance. New to tai chi? Learn more about how to practice here

Push the pedals.

Strap on a helmet and cycle around the bike path to build strength, support the muscles that maintain balance, and better your cardiovascular health. For those dealing with back pain or concerned about the risk of falls, try a recumbent bike, which sits low to the ground, uses three wheels, and is designed with a seat you can lean against.

Dig your roots.

The regular practice of gardening gets you out into fresh air, into nature, and moves your body enough to help prevent osteoporosis and lower your risk of some conditions like cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression.

Putt around.

Did you know that an 18-hole game of golf can have you walking up to 4 miles? Carry your clubs while you’re doing it, and your heart gets even more of a workout! To avoid injury, be sure to stretch before teeing off and use proper positioning as you swing.

Enjoying any of these activities can be a safe, senior-friendly way to enhance your physical health while taking advantage of the beautiful, sunny days ahead.

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