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The thought of organizing your home can cause serious overwhelm, especially when you’ve lived in the same place for many years. But living amid clutter can create the kind of micro-anxiety that builds up over time and can make the prospect of a clean, inviting home more daunting. For a spruced-up space, decluttering is an inexpensive and surprisingly simple fix, if you have a plan. Below are 5 easy-to-do tasks that can be tackled in under 10 minutes. So, commit to one a day to enjoy orderly bliss in a week or less!

1. Complete a Quick Clean-up Throughout the Home: As you do a big sweep around your home, arm yourself with a bag for trash and another for recyclables. Next, tidy up any piles that are left, using a laundry basket to pick up items that don’t belong and rehome them to their rightful spot.

2. Start to Declutter – Figure out what to Keep versus Donate: For any messes that are left, consider whether items are still useful or beautiful. Divide your possessions into four piles – put away, keep, donate, or discard – and return the items you’re keeping to a place in your home where they will serve the most use or create an attractive display.

Now, it’s time to target specific areas that take the brunt of the messiness.

3. Tidy up the Kitchen: First, remove random papers and supplies for crafts or repairs. Use baskets to corral things like mail, medicines and vitamins that often wind up on countertops and windowsills. Next, get into the fridge and discard expired or unused condiments and food from the fridge. Finally, give your pantry the same treatment, removing food that’s outdated and stale, as well as items that you have way too much of.

4. Organize your Clothing Closets and Dressers: An organized dressing space can make a big impact on your mental well-being. Weed out clothing, shoes and accessories and donate unwanted pieces to charity. A good rule to follow is to recall the last time you wore each piece. Some well-made pieces are worth saving, but if you can’t remember wearing them in the past year, it might be time to send them along to a new home.

5. Clear out Family Rooms, Great Rooms and Dens: Since these are communal spaces, get a little input on the vision for these rooms. Once you’ve thought about what activities take place here, you can decide what can stay and what gets removed. Some definite items that don’t belong: Clothes, pet toys, blankets and pillows that have seen better days, outdated entertainment equipment like DVDs, and old newspapers and magazines.

Now that you’ve cleared out the clutter, breathe in and enjoy all the extra space you’ve created. Invite company over or bring the neighbors in – you can feel good about your well-kept home.

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