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Stay Mentally, Physically and Socially Fit With These Easy Ideas

From free online learning to strength training programs, the opportunities for older adults to stay mentally, socially and physically fit is growing – and becoming even more specialized. As you begin to think about possible New Year’s resolutions for 2022, take a look at the ideas below, designed to help you live your best life – now, and in the months ahead.

Staying strong, staying healthy

With age comes wisdom, of course. But we all know what else is coming along for the ride: Age-related health concerns, often in the form of chronic conditions. The good news is that building on physical fitness can help with those persistent issues. With a strength-training workout regimen, you’re likely to witness progress in your day-to-day life. Whether that’s an easier time walking around the neighborhood or more enjoyable car rides thanks to improved posture, the improvements in health and quality of life are definitely worth the effort of a regular sweat session. For an easy at-home exercise option, check out this No Equipment Low Impact Workout, or 35 min Yin Yoga.

Crossing the digital divide

Live interactive classes and other virtual learning opportunities are helping older adults to explore the online realm while bridging the digital divide and remaining comfortably – safely – at home. Aging experts cite the social, informational and medical benefits for those who engage with technology. After all, what can top the possibility of learning new things, meeting new people, and unlocking new life experiences, at any age? Look for programs that focus on using digital devices and accessing critical services; healthy cooking and evidence-based classes for improving physical health; social health interest groups hosted by fellow community members; mental health classes on dementia, stress reduction and chair meditation; and reskilling classes for older adults to help them re-enter the workforce. A lifelong educational pursuit is just one more way of living a more connected life.

Piquing your interests

Bridging the digital divide also combats social isolation, which is another essential pillar of successful living, as evidenced by applied research conducted by our partners at Masterpiece Living. The importance for older adults to maintain an active social life cannot be overstated. Nurture your social health by looking for an interest group in your community to join. From gardening to travel to pets, keeping your passions alive with fellow like-minded peers is key to successful living. Socializing keeps people connected, boosts feelings of well-being, and fine-tunes mental sharpness. The social butterfly effect absolutely carries over into your mental, spiritual and physical health, too.

At Envisage, we’ve partnered with Masterpiece Living, a multi-specialty group that works with more than 80 organizations nationwide to maximize the potential of older adults. Masterpiece Living began conducting applied research that found 70% of successful living is based on lifestyle choices, like the ones outlined above. Cheers to successful living in the coming year – and here’s to your good health!

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