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Meet Envisage Member Koyna

When considering whether to enroll in Envisage, Koyna and her husband Ajay consulted with those whose input they valued greatly: their financial adviser and their primary care physicians, who had other patients who were Envisage members. All of the professionals supported the Soods’ decision to join Envisage.

The biggest decision-making factor to enroll in Enivsage was its promise of a reliable support system, no matter what. Koyna explains that she and her husband, both in their 70s, have no support system available to them. They didn’t want to burden their friends, who have their hands full with their own families, lives, and health concerns.

Koyna and her husband Ajay had been members for only a matter of weeks before Koyna required Envisage’s services, and the care and support they received from their Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator, Debbie, confirmed for them that they’d made the right decision to join.

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It gives us a great deal of peace of mind and a sense of security that we have someone who will help us when we need it.

Koyna Sood,

Envisage members since 2019

To support your overall well-being and goal of aging successfully at home, your Envisage membership includes preventative health resources like our exclusive WELL program.

Should you need any care services, your dedicated Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you navigate the healthcare system for you, supporting you in your aging journey.

When you pay ahead of time for care you may need in the future, you’re securing your assets and protecting your legacy. Envisage helps you do just that.

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