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Meet Envisage Members John and Claudia

For John and Claudia Detwiler, Envisage services made all the difference when an unexpected accident required a quick and easy coordination of their long-term care needs.

John’s recovery story began years before his accident, when Claudia, the driver behind the couple’s Envisage membership, sought to put in place the security of a “comprehensive plan” prior to needing assistance. Although the Detwilers had toured Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and valued the benefits of those communities, they were committed to staying in their city neighborhood, where they were actively engaged in their church and other local activities. Because they didn’t want to move and build new relationships, they chose to enroll in Envisage so that they could remain in their home and involved in their community.

They also knew that they didn’t want to become a burden to their daughters, who had busy lives and were away from Pittsburgh at that time. The Detwilers agree that enrolling in Envisage was the right choice to relieve the burden of care from their daughters as well as each other.

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You don’t have to uproot yourself and move some place else. You can continue your life as you know it and stay in place.

John and Claudia Detwiler,

Envisage members since 2013

To support your overall well-being and goal of aging successfully at home, your Envisage membership includes preventative health resources like our exclusive WELL program.

Should you need any care services, your dedicated Personal Wellness & Care Coordinator will help you navigate the healthcare system for you, supporting you in your aging journey.

When you pay ahead of time for care you may need in the future, you’re securing your assets and protecting your legacy. Envisage helps you do just that.

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