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Protecting Your Assets

Are you prepared to cover the cost of your long-term needs for the rest of your life?

You’ve Worked Hard to Be Financially Secure as You Age

You’ve saved and invested. You’ve done your best to protect your assets and ensure you won’t be a burden to family or friends as you age. Perhaps you’ve even purchased a long-term care insurance policy. So, you’re completely covered, right?

Maybe not. Have you considered the cost of hiring someone skilled to come into your home to provide long-term care? Do you run the risk of depleting your savings to cover potential future care needs? Long-term care plan solutions from Envisage help to ensure your savings can go toward the things you want, rather than unexpected healthcare costs.


the average cost for five years of long-term care services, from private duty through in-facility care.

Source: Presbyterian SeniorCare Network

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Expert Tip

According to the Fidelity Investments Family & Finance Study, while children are willing to help their parents as they age, 4 in 10 families disagree on the roles and responsibilities children should assume.

It’s critical to have a plan now for the future that your family and friends agree upon.

This study will help you understand why:

“Sue and I appreciate our Envisage membership because we feel strongly that our children should never have to worry about long-term care decisions or the cost of care. We truly think of Envisage as the perfect gift for our children because of the built-in financial protection and the assurance and advocacy that the personal wellness & care coordinator provides.”

– Bob & Sue, Envisage Members since 2009

“I think of a wise saying that says ‘Failure to plan is a plan to fail.’ I’ve tried to do that in various aspects of my life and would like to be healthy and live in my home as long as possible.”

– Jack, Envisage Member

Envisage: A Smarter Way to Protect Your Assets

Envisage helps you protect your assets by planning now for coverage of services and support you may need in the future. Envisage is NOT an insurance policy – it is a smart option for long-term planning that provides you with exclusive access to a range of services you can begin to use now or in the future if you experience a change in your health status.

Envisage empowers you to be in charge of your healthcare and financial goals, and members can expect more robust service and support than other long-term care plans provide. Unlike alternative long-term planning options, your Envisage plan provides you with a personal wellness & care coordinator who will help you stay healthy and live independently in the place you call home as you age.

And, with Envisage, you’ll have immediate peace of mind knowing you can access wellness and care services right away with no waiting period.

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